Why ?

A lot of conflicts find their roots in dominating systems (dictatures, perfide administration, selffullfilling politicians, intransparant networkapps, ...).

Even democratic states suffer because they seems not able to change into structures where "liberté, égalité and fraternité" are the mainstream.

As long as those systems persist, conflicts will continue to come up and mediation will be required but will not be the solution for change. On the other hand today, due to the new technologies, citizens become more aware about what is going on and all over the world they take different initiatives, provoking the current hierarchies, the ways of working,the structures, which are loosing control. Mainly young people, common to use the new technologies and pushed in the unemployment and poverty, occupy the street and take initiatives with more than attention for usstainability. Conscious as they are of the limitation of our planet resources. New ideas become common. And found recognition in a common term: peer to peer