Peer to peer

means equal to equal.

It is a new and out of necessity way of working and (inter)acting in order to create and guarantee, on a longer term, a secure future for everything and everyone.

It is an e-motion, inspired by people who wants to make a difference with the current way of working in politics, business, education, ... i.o.w. whatever human activity.

Initially the idea P2P came from the ITC world (P2P mediation) but "Michel Bauwens" , himself an e-gourou, posed that the P2P practice was applicable in all kind of human activity. In order to support this idea he created with soulmates the "P2P foundation"

The main changes compared to current business are:

- no jobs but tasks

- a merit scale applicable to all in stead of hiërarchical bonus scales for a few

- equality and equipotentiality between the keyplayers in an enterprise

- the whole spectrum of interests in stead of only money

- real solutions in stead of superficial onces,

- the use of means in stead of power and domination,

- a win for all in stead of a win for a few,

- adherence in stead of dependency,

- with eye for the ecological footprint and new economics

- benefit in stead of profit

- by means of the new technologies

- more order by chaos,

- postcapitalism or real enterprising

- more balance and flexibility between privacy and professional task

It is acting, handling, enterprising with a broad sense of realism.