P2P facilitation, - coaching

is helping enterprises, organisations, workgroups, teams or people by increasing their sustainability to perform in the evolving world, in which we are floating today. It is a journey to discover real enterprising.

The aim is to reveal and extract inherent contradictions within the entity and with adjacent peers and peerorgs in order to reinforce and optimize the enterprising capabilities of the entity.


First we look (with stakeholders) the context in which the enterprise is performing today. Then we share mutual taughts about what enterprising means for the concerned org. More in practice than globally spoken.

Based on this we gather with stakeholders* issues and roadblocks to stimulate and increase enterprising.

The next step is benchmarking orgs which practice the full vision of entreprising. Here we discover what "self", "crowd", "strenght", ... and the interests to implement p2p elements in the organisation.

Based on those new insights we make a new canvas to which we how the org is evolving to in order to stimulate enterprising.

Lats but not least stakehlders and peers build an implementation plan. Can be with intermediate steps, with a nucleus org which is functioning as a lab for change. It all depends on the risks and the feeling of risks.


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* members, employees, employers, management, users, ...