P2P attitudes

"Peer" means "equal", "compeer" or those who stand with you as equals to achieve something. In a P2P process or project people doesn't have different roles. Well tasks.

Therefore peers aim at handling in a way that equality remains. Very ambiteous, bot reachable, certainly in new projects.

Conflict handling helps to understand more this ambition:

  • equipotentiality and equivalence: all members of a group are equapotential which means that they are considered as equal in the capability to enterprise. No one is more than the other. No one has a specific role as well as different tasks. Of course personalities can be different. But in their difference of personality the peers are equivalent.
  • Responsability and solidarity: all members of the group or community are accountable for their own tasks and the impact of it on the global targets. But they are also responsible to support the other. We can state: everybody is self-responsible but also solidary towards the other
  • tranparancy and discretion: Within the group and in relation to external partners full transparancy exists. Within the group regarding everything, with external partners only related to the matter of connection. Discretion is required for all other matters as long as the group doens't feel comfortable with a concerned matter.
  • sustainability and authenticity:
  • frankness and accessibility:
  • common decision making, reciprocity: