"The only risk in live is to take no risk at all". It was a poster of Levis in 1996, which inspired me tremendously. I believe because it comforts me. I was indeed in those days one of the less in my acquitances who hopped from one employer, project and even job to other ones.Always following my intuïtion, passion and feeling for justice.

Taking risks is the base of enterprising. And even of life. Is life not more than a chain of tiny to big enterprises ? Sometimes succesfull, sometimes with failures ?

But enterprising is of course more than taking risks.

It is intiated by needs expectations, passions and desires.

Is driven by a sense of reality and truth with lukely a bit of delusion.

It find respons by Connections with interested peers and stakeholders

Is handling, acting with an open eye for opportunities and readyness to tackle constraints.

Initiates fun and celebrations in case of success, brings recovery in place in case of failure.

Strives to a fair balance between involvement and reward.

And last but not least ... takes time for reflection.

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But isn't this the definition of an enterprise within our free market?  should say yes and no.