How far am I or is my entity enterprising well ?


"The purpose of an enterprise is to reach targets by passion and not by profit. Profit is only a mean to sustain"

Is there between us passion to succeed ? Or are fees, salaries, bonus either the drivers ?

Are there risks ? Which ?

"The whole context of an enterprise and the complete actuality about it are in scope to let win all internal and external stakeholders"

Is there an internal or external stakeholder not being part of the benefit ? Did I ensure myself or my entity by checks regarding this point?

"Because the others are part of the enterprise, their equivalency and equipotentiality, make it worth to listen to and to dialog with them, even if they are different. The others are all the stakeholders involved even those in the foreign countries."

Is there equivalency and equipotentiality between all stakeholders, even so thos in foreign countries.

"Acting is the kernel of life"

Do we act and handle ? Or is is it actions as of ?

"What the return is doesn't matter. It can consist of salary, merits*, benefits** or commons***. As long as a participants recognize the return for their efforts. A fair balance is required"

Does each member of the entity and the stakeholders feel balance between efforts and reward ?

"without real joy, happiness, fun and recovery for all participants of your enterprise you will loose the spirit and the mind of the company. "

Is everybody involved in successes and supported in case of failure.

"Enterprises with roam for reflection keep track on change !"

Is the entity reflecting at regular times ?